Until the Sky Dies


Clint Listing - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Effects
Ryan Michalski- Lead Guitar, Drums & Engineer 

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Until The Sky Dies is the latest project of prolific musician Clint Listing (GrizzleLong Winters StareAs All DieBroken Hands for Brilliant Minds and Black Depths Grey Waves). While employing a familiar mixture of ingredients from Clint’s other projects, Until The Sky Dies stands alone when considering the forward-thinking way Avant-garde Metal, Doom Metal, Post Hardcore, along with Industrial and Electronic elements are combined to form a truly unique sound. Ryan Michalski (Cosmic Punch) contributed lead guitar and drums while Clint filled out the rest of the sound.

Until The Sky Dies’ debut, The Year Zero Blueprint, consists of eight solid tracks of bold audio exploration. The Year Zero Blueprint was recorded and engineered by Ryan at RPM Studios in Tampa FL. 

The mastering process was handled by J. Stillings (Steel Hook ProsthesesMetaconquerorPharoidVermin) at Steel Hook Audio Mastering. 

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