As All Die

Update 10/20/17

Recording "Ragnarok, All Father, Tomorrow" in early 2018

Artwork by Lindscape Design..

As All Die is 

Clint Listing- Vocals, Guitar, synths
Aries- Vocals, Percussion , Effects
Ryan Michalski- Engineer and Various Instrumentation  
Mackenzie Morgan - Vocals 

New album is a mix of Neo-folk and Martial Industrial less focus on harsher noise and more on Dark Melodies and Post Industrial Battlefields.

Clint Listing - Vocals, Guitars and Synths
Aries- Vocals, Samples and Percussion

As All Die is a Martial Industrial project created by Clint Listing known as owner of Dragon Flight Recordings/ Absolute Zero Media , and front-man/guitarist of the disbanded Symphonic Dark Metal act Long Winters' Stare Originally started out as a side project to Long Winters' Stare. As All Die has for over 15 years now been creating Heathen Sounds in a Neo-folk, Ambient, Noise, and Occult style.

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