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Svart Records artist Jess and the Ancient Ones Interview is up

1.  Tell us at bit about  the  Fuzzed out  Whirlwind of Psych rock that Jess and the ancient ones create and how did it come to be from what i would say were extreme metal folk?

We create music that we enjoy to listen and perform. No idea is too wild, as we dont keep ourselves cornered within genres. All of this has been of natural growth. Its true that extreme metal dominated my life for many, many years, but I also grew to love all great music in the world. Jazz, blues, surf, garage, funk, soul...everything goes.

2.. You have been with Svart Records for a while now . What makes this label so special and differ the bands on this label just for the ones I love Sabbath Assembly. Beastmilk, Exploding eye Orchestra, K-X-P,  Hello Black Hole and Skepticism. Is there something special in that Finnish water?

I think the guys from Svart have a nice ear for different styles of music. They are not genre sla…

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