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Blood Harvest Artist Ziggurat Interview up

How did  Ziggurat come to be  looks like it was two yrs before you released your EP. Were you just  mastering your craft I think Ziggurat grew up as much as we did musically. The Blind Faith demo we published in 2015 represented our will to create traditional black metal at first, though we have already listened to more complex and different extreme metal bands. I think we didn’t even talk about what we wanted to play. We had a little break from the point we wrote Blind Faith to the time we continued writing the other songs, then we actually found ourselves playing this stuff.
2. Israel is becoming a force with extreme music there are some well know  bands now  Orphaned Land , Salem and Hammercult to name a few. Were do you see Ziggurat being part of this musical uprising?
Salem’s first albums are absolutely something the Israeli metal scene can be proud of. I can say personally I never liked Hammercult or Orphaned Land…

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